Our Team

Introducing our ministry team:

Rev. Ron Greig – Minister

Ron is Team Leader at LUPC.  Born and brought up in Edinburgh his near 30 year ministry with the Church of Scotland has taken him to rural Perthshire and Bathgate before joining the ministry team in Livingston in 2008. Ron says, “My working life started in the Royal Bank of Scotland, and from there I moved to the Leeds Permanent Building Society before undertaking a complete change of career and entering University at the age of twenty seven.  Although my intention was that I should become a teacher, God somehow or other abducted me and persuaded me that I should enter the ministry!”  He has two daughters, two sons and two grandsons.

You can contact Ron at rgreig@churchofscotland.org.uk .

Rev. Stephanie Njeru – Minister

Stephanie is a Methodist Minister serving in LUPC.  Her background is varied, having worked in youth work, a variety of admin roles, but most recently spending 5 years as a Probation Officer.  She has ministered in Kenya and was chaplain to a girls’ secondary school whilst there.  In Kenya, she met her now husband and they have been blessed with a son.  Stephanie’s passion is for people to know that they are beautiful creations of God, no matter who they are or what they have done.  Living in that knowledge will enable people to flourish and reach their true potential within the love of God.  She is currently researching how the personal encounter with Jesus can be transforming and lead to liberation of both the individuals and society.  She is also interested in social justice and encouraging ways to challenge how society acts.

You can contact Stephanie at Stephanie.Njeru@methodist.org.uk .

Darren Philip – Youth & Children’s Development Worker

Darren is responsible for LUPC’s work with children, young people and schools.  An escapee mathematician, he worked in student recruitment for the University of Edinburgh before joining the Church of Scotland as a youth worker establishing a series of youth cafes across Scotland.  He joined LUPC in 2009 and works to involve children and young people in the life and worship of the church by building an intergenerational community.  Darren writes resources and articles on children’s ministry for a variety of publications, including Roots, Learn, Life & Work and Different Voices.  He enjoys spending time in South Africa where he can indulge his interests in wildlife and liberation history.  He is married with one child and has two cats and an attention-seeking rabbit.

You can contact Darren at dphilip@churchofscotland.org.uk .

Follow Darren’s blog at thereanent.blogspot.com and twitter @darphilip .

Rev. Ken Brown – Church & Community Development Worker

Ken has over 20 years of experience helping churches engage with their local communities in both town and country settings.  He is responsible within LUPC both for community development and exploring new ways of doing and being church.  He is married to Norma and has 3 grown up children.  He is chair of trustees for The Bridge Community Project which seeks to provide practical and relational support to families and individuals in West Lothian. He is passionate about partnering with others to achieve goals, is enjoying exploring the idea of new monastic communities and when he has time he enjoys his politics and uncovering family history secrets.  However, nothing beats a fun filled family day out with his growing band of grandchildren.

You can contact Ken at Kenneth.Brown@churchofscotland.org.uk .

Follow The Bridge blog at bridgecommunityproject.org.uk/blog .

Caitlin Galloway – Schools Work Intern (One Programme Participant)

Caitlin is working as part of the Methodist Church’s One Programme and will be undertaking various tasks in relation to the work LUPC does with schools.  Attending Girls’ Brigade for the past 13 years helped her find her faith and encouraged her to look at different aspects of it.  Now an active member of LUPC, Caitlin’s main aim through her youth work is to encourage more young people to fight for what they believe in and question why things happen the way they do.  An avid musician, Caitlin spends the majority of her spare time playing in bands as a percussionist.  She also enjoys reading, playing video games and spending time with her cross collie/jack russell puppy Harlow.

Caitlin can be contacted at caitlingalloway@lupc.org.uk .

The team member on duty can be contacted on 07933 085186.


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