Members of our ministry team are chaplains to ten primary and two secondary schools across Livingston and are regularly involved in Religious Observance, school assemblies, classwork, Rights Respecting School groups, parent councils and much more.

In addition, we offer a variety of workshops for schools aimed at meeting the Outcomes & Experiences of A Curriculum for Excellence:

Labyrinth Workshop

Labyrinth workshops are offered at all levels from P1 to P7 and combine RME, art and design, maths and problem solving skills.  Workshops can be two hour, half day or full day.  Depending on the stage and length of workshop, pupils will:

  • Learn what a labyrinth is and how it is used for spiritual reflection;
  • Learn how to draw classical and medieval labyrinths;
  • Look for number patterns in circuit numbers in classical labyrinths;
  • Make a ‘finger labyrinth’ using clay;
  • Design and build a large labyrinth using chalk or tape;
  • Experience walking a labyrinth and reflecting on how it felt to walk it.

P5 Bibleworld Mobile Experience

Bibleworld Mobile is a 56ft mobile classroom with six interactive areas where pupils in P5 can explore different aspects of the Bible:

  • Spaceship – Pupils can reflect on creation, the wonder of the universe and how we look after our planet using an interactive computer game.
  • Music Zone – Pupils listen to and find out about different musical instruments in the Bible and different musical genres.
  • Library – Pupils discover the different genres of book in the Bible and explore some of their stories by hunting for clues in the library.
  • Aeroplane – Pupils fasten their seatbelts and take off all over the globe to discover how the Bible is translated and taken all over the world.
  • Quizmaster – Pupils watch some clips of Bible stories and take part in an interactive quiz.
  • Museum – Pupils learn about the evolution of the written word – from cuneiform script through medieval illuminated manuscripts to the invention of the printing press and the modern word processor, trying each method as they go.

Bibleworld Mobile is next due to visit during November 2016.

P6 Bubblegum ‘n’ Fluff

Imagine finding a piece of old bubblegum under your bed.  It might have been around for so long that it’s covered in so much fluff you can’t work out what it is.  That’s how pupils imagine Christmas in this 90-minute workshop – so covered in fluff that you can’t see what’s at the centre of it.  Through a variety of drama, craft, storytelling, sequencing and writing, pupils can reflect on what Christmas means for them – what’s the bubblegum and what’s the fluff.

Download the Introduction for Teachers (PDF) outlining the programme and curriculum links or the Religious Observance Template (PDF).

P7 Easter Code

In this 2-hour workshop, pupils work in teams to visit five zones to crack the ‘Easter Code’:

  • Passover meal – pupils taste and experience a Passover meal, learn about the ‘Last Supper’ and reflect on the value of sharing.
  • Foot washing – pupils hear the story of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet then get the chance to wash one another’s feet as they reflect on the value of serving.
  • Gethsemane – pupils watch a video portraying Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane before his arrest and reflect on the value of struggling.
  • Trial – pupils act out the trial of Jesus and reflect on the value of support.
  • Crucifixion – pupils make a stained glass window of the cross as they reflect on the value of sacrifice.

Download the Introduction for Teachers (PDF) outlining the programme and curriculum links.

Cluster Assemblies

Primary schools in the James Young cluster have the opportunity to bring a whole year group together from across the schools to celebrate Harvest, St. Andrew’s Day, FairTrade Fortnight and World Book Day at one of our cluster assemblies.

Download the Introduction for Teachers (PDF) to find out more.

For more information, please contact our Youth & Children’s Development Worker, Darren Philip, at .

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