Members of our ministry team are chaplains to ten primary and two secondary schools across Livingston and are regularly involved in Religious Observance, school assemblies, classwork, Rights Respecting School groups, parent councils and much more.

Chaplains also provide support to staff, pupils and families at times of difficulty, such as illness or bereavement.

Curriculum Workshops

We offer a range of workshops across primary school years aimed at meeting the Outcomes & Experiences of A Curriculum for Excellence:

  • Reflective Spaces – an interactive space for pupils of all stages to reflect on the school values
  • Labyrinth – using labyrinths to learn about art and design, maths, history and RME
  • P6 Bubblegum ‘n’ Fluff – exploring the Christmas story
  • P7 Easter Code – exploring the personal development aspects of the Easter story
  • Cluster Assemblies – sharing learning for Harvest, St. Andrew’s Day, World Book Day and FairTrade Fortnight

Church Visits

Schools are welcome to visit one of our buildings to learn about churches, baptisms and weddings.

You can read about a P1 visit to the Lanthorn Chapel to learn about baptism here.



For more information, please contact our Youth & Children’s Development Worker, Darren Philip, at

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